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Mission & Vision

MotiveSpace is the only nonprofit property developer in the nation whose mission to create affordable and vibrant commercial spaces. Based in Portland, Oregon, MotiveSpace provides nonprofits, neighbors and community-based organizations with design, building, planning and development services. MotiveSpace believes that property development and real estate can be powerful tools to support mission-driven causes, and to unite people, place, and purpose.


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Board Chair Alan Brickley

Alan has over 40 years of experience as a real estate attorney in the Portland Metropolitan area. He received his JD from Northeastern College of Law…


Executive Director Sara Garrett

Sara is an architect and developer with a background in a variety of diverse projects. Sara received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Physics…

CB Wright Headshot

Director CB Wright

CB’s nonprofit interests grew from a career in hospitality and contract furnishings’ marketing and sales. CB was co-founder of the nonprofit Philanthropy by Design…

Bill Crawford

Project Admin Bill Crawford

Bill supports MotiveSpace programs and clients, helping to connect the many people and partners fueling the organization’s diverse project teams…

Vega Tom Headshot

Director Vega Tom

Vega has worked in small business and non-profit finance, accounting and human resources for twelve years. Making her start as a construction…

Stephen Brooks Headshot

Director Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks, JD, LL.M.  Mr. Brooks has over 25 years’ experience providing structured finance, operations, management and strategic consulting…

jim newcomers

Director Jim Newcomer

Dr. Newcomer holds a Doctorate in Political Science from Stanford University, as well as Masters’ degrees in Organizational Development…

Michael Menzies Headshot

Director Michael Menzies

Michael Menzies is a certified financial and investment advisor with Waddell & Reed, Inc. Michael specializes in risk mitigation and long term financial…


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Barn Rideshare Services

Barn Rideshare Program

MotiveSpace will promote our goal of cross-pollination and communication between Barn tenants through our carpooling rideshare program. We hope to ease parking and transportation pressures on tenant organizations while decreasing operating expenses and reducing the Barn’s environmental impact.

MotiveSpace will collect voluntary information from our tenants to facilitate an effective program to best meet the largest section of transportation needs.

If your organization could benefit from such a program, please have staff complete the survey below.

Barn Nonprofit Center Frequently Asked Questions

What other lease terms and conditions does the lease specify?

A lease term of at least five years is preferred, though we can discuss the needs of each group individually. If we make many changes, a longer term allows us to be more flexible about pricing. The Barn’s leases are “gross modified,” meaning that building owners pay for management, trash service, property taxes, insurance, and ensure that the cost of the common and shared spaces are included in the base lease costs. The first year a tenant moves in establishes the “base year” for electricity and water, with increases over the base year shared by tenants. This ensures that the building’s costs can still be covered if a tenant uses a larger than average amount of electricity or water.

What shared services will nonprofits have access to in the building?

Leasing space in the Barn gives nonprofits the option of accessing shared services at a discounted rate. Services include phone, internet, IT support, as well as back office support such as human resource, legal, accounting and grant-writing consulting.

What shared spaces will the building have? Does my nonprofi t have to use them?

In the Barn’s first year nonprofits have access to a meeting room capable of holding approximately 12 people around a conference table, or between 25 to 30 people “classroom style.” There are also informal meeting spaces for casual 4-5 person meetings. Each nonprofit is allowed a quarterly quota of hours for use in the Barn’s shared conference room, depending on their needs and timing. Nonprofits needing hours in the shared spaces beyond their quota will be charged a nominal hourly fee, which helps ensure the shared spaces aren’t over utilized by any one group. Use of all shared spaces and services is entirely optional.

Are there storage options available?

Yes. There are currently secure storage units in the basement of the building available at a cost of $75/month. Each space is slightly different but averages approximately 125 square feet. When will the Barn be ready for move-in? When are more offices becoming available? The Barn has several offices open now with 15 other offices becoming available over the next two years. In addition to office spaces there will also be retail, production, workshop, event and storage spaces.

Where is the building? What transportation and parking options are located nearby?

The Barn is located at the corner of NW 6th and Glisan in Portland’s historic Old Town Chinatown neighborhood. It is directly on MAX and bus lines and just up the street from the bike-friendly Steel Bridge, with ample bike parking inside the building. There is a covered and secure parking garage on the same block as the building, and two additional above-ground parking garages within walking distance.

When will MotiveSpace own the building?

MotiveSpace anticipates that we will be able to buy the property from the Schlesinger’s over the next two to three years. Because there is no way to guarantee the final ownership structure of the building, we encourage nonprofit partners to weigh the benefits we can guarantee from the outset: heavily discounted lease rates, shared spaces and services, and all the opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination that arise from sharing a building with other high-impact nonprofits.

Barn Nonprofit Center Tenants FAQ

Where do I get rid of trash and recycling?

The loading dock has labeled bins. Please sort accordingly.

What are the elevator dimensions?

Width: 6′-5″; Length: 6′-5″

Whom should I contact if there is a maintenance issue/question?

Please call or email (email preferred) Jackie Secreto of Schlesinger Companies with all questions. Jackie’s number is (503) 223-4128, and her email is jackie.secreto@schlesingercos.com. She handles everything like replacing light bulbs, questions about the storage units, ordering new keys, etc.

How many building keys can I have? How do I get them?

We can give you three sets of keys to your unit and to the bathroom. Each key must be assigned to a specific person in your organization, and there will be a fee of ___ to replace them. Contact Jackie directly at the number above to order new keys.

Where is the nearest public parking? What are the rates?

In the coming 1-2 year timeline a SmartPark will be built across the street from the Barn. For now, street parking is available, and there is a secure parking garage on the same block of the building, with an entrance between Broadway and 6th on Flanders. Here are the details:

  • 55 secure spaces
  • $3.50/hour, $8.95/day, or $165/month
  • The number for additional details is 503 221-1666. You will need to tell them you’re calling regarding lot # 347.

Can I pay my rent online? How does billing get handled? 

You can set up a recurring payment through MotiveSpace’s website if you have a paypal account. Because there are fees to the organization for processing credit cards we do need to add a surcharge of 3% for the transaction.

How is phone and internet handled? 

You can opt in to MotiveSpace’s program for internet and phone service if you choose; for small offices of less then 12 people this has typically been the most cost effective program, but rates vary slightly depending on needs. A phone line typically starts around $40/month, but goes does significantly if you have more than one phone line. Internet rates can range from between $50/month to $100/month depending on data usage.

Where are the restrooms located? Are they locked?

The restrooms are located on the west end of the building on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and on the east end of the fourth floor. The restroom key will also allow access to restrooms on other floors.

What public transit is available nearby?

The Barn is located on the Green, Orange and Yellow lines of the MAX. The northbound stop is at Union Station/NW 6th & Hoyt. The southbound stop is located on Union Station/NW 5th & Glisan. Bus lines 9, 33, 44 stop  at NW 6th and Flanders; Bus lines 4, 8, 16, 35, 43, 44, 77 stop at NW Everett and 5th; Bus line 17 stops at NW Broadway and Irving.

Where is there secure bike parking?

Several racks are located along the north and south walls of the raised area in the loading dock.

Is storage available in the building?

Yes. There are several secure storage units available in the basement of slightly different sizes and spaces. The rates generally range from between $75/month – $145/month.

What insurance requirements does my organization need to cover?

As is standard in any lease, tenants in the building must list both MotiveSpace and Schlesinger Co as additional insured to their general liability policy. Insurance companies do this at no charge. If you do not yet have a general liability policy, we recommend contacting Larry Johnson at LaPorte and Associates for a quote at 503-239-4116.

Owners Representative Services

Commercial Brokering Glossary

The cost of internet is included in your lease. The first year of the lease constitutes the “base year” during which tenants will not be responsible for their share of any additional operating expenses. For years after the base year the base rate may be adjusted if the cost of operating expenses has increased. The Schlesinger family owns multiple historic buildings in Portland and have informed us that if this happens it is not significant, and has never created hardship for tenants. Water/electricity costs increase somewhat every year but they’ve never seen anything more than 5%, which would only translate into a rate increase of less than 1% or approximately $5/year for your lease. Because the Barn lease rates are so low, it is especially important that we include this provision. The good news is that typically, increases in property taxes constitute the largest increase. In the case of the Barn we’ll be filled with more and more nonprofit tenants, who will help us qualify for property tax exemption.

COMMON AREAS: Tenants will have access to the shared conference room for board or membership meetings up to a set number of pre-negotiated hours. For hours needed outside of that, we will need to charge a nominal fee to make sure we’re not losing money on it. Tenants in the building will be charged $35/hour. Lease also includes informal access to unused meeting areas in Suite 303 as well as the common areas.

Rent Meeting Space and Help Portland Nonprofits!

618 Glisan Marketing Photo*The League of Women Voters, the Lund Report, MotiveSpace, The Oregon Justice Resource Center, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, and Our Oregon are already located in the building. If you’re a nonprofit interested in office space, give us a call!

Sara Garrett                  
503-887-9598                                                                                                                                sara@motivespace.org

Bill Crawford

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